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Assessment Solutions

PXT Select™

 PXT Select™ is the first major business assessment with computer adaptive assessment technology built in. PXT Select™ fills the gap between the resume and the interview. It provides organizations with actionable, objective data about candidates in a simple to understand format that can help you to interview. PXT Select™ employee assessment is an online selection assessment that measures a candidate’s cognitive abilities, behaviors, and interests.

Everything DiSC®

 Everything DiSC® is a personality assessment that helps you build more effective working relationships based on an understanding of different behavioral styles. The research-validated tool helps you understand yourself and others, saving you time, energy, and money. 

Better employee communication means efficiency on both individual and company levels. 

The Five Behaviors™

 The program helps teams understand how they score on the key components of The Five Behaviors™ model: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results. Individual team members will learn about their own personality style and the styles of their team members— based on the Everything DiSC® model—and how their style contributes to the team’s overall success.   

360° Feedback

Offering your choice of CheckPoint 360°™ or  Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders. Both 360's are industry leading solutions which will reduce the time and energy it takes to implement your 360 program. We've created support materials to help you organize and speed up your workflow. Each solution offers development plans to help the participant reach their full potential.  

Behavioral Safety Assessments

Our online employee personality tests measure factors which lead to human error and incidents on the job and recommend self-coaching and management tips for minimizing the impact of these factors on workplace safety.   Safety Quotient™ by TalentClick is a new and innovative employee risk assessment technology that measures 6 unique personality traits directly connected to unsafe behaviors.

Occupational DNA®

 John Beck founded The Assessment Company® with one goal in mind; to share his knowledge and spread the word about his proprietary method, “Occupational DNA®.” John's ODNA® process can provide meaningful, measurable results. What makes ODNA® different? John and his team will teach you how to use his process in-house, eliminating the need for costly outside consultants.  


Occupational DNA®

 Occupational DNA® powered by PXT Select™ employee assessment  and the ODNA® process can provide meaningful, measurable results. Since 1994, our team has helped thousands of clients understand their people and how they will perform on the job. The ODNA® can be deployed for any company, for any job, and in any location. Whether you are a small company of 10 employees or an enterprise of 10,000, we will deliver the results you need to meet your business objectives.


Shhhhhh... What they won't tell you.

Don't tell anyone, but just between us, we can deliver training, certification, or accreditation for you to use any of our solutions in-house. There is no need to pay high dollar consultants to tell you how to run your business, or to interpret a report. 

It's EASY!

However, if you want to pay us, this doesn’t mean you can’t hand off part—or all of—your employee assessment needs to our in-house team. We’ll help deploy and deliver a total outsourced employee assessment solution just for you.   


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 For over 25 years, The Assessment Company®  has evolved to meet the needs of our customers — from Pre-Employment, Talent Management, Workforce Development and advanced Behavioral Safety Assessment Solutions. Discover more about by visiting our Blogs. Authorized Partner for PXT Select.

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We represent and deliver the Employee Assessment solutions designed to meet your business objectives. No other firm in the industry can compare to our best in class offerings, experienced leadership, and talented workforce. Our goal is to ensure your results exceed your expectations.  

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Our corporate support team is made up of employees with backgrounds in organizational psychology, human resource management, coaching, consulting, education, and information technology. Our teams of dedicated client professionals are committed to your total satisfaction. Hear what I clients say about us.


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